Pilates Instructors

Pilates Instructors - Provides home, work and outdoor Pilates sessions in and around London, we can help you now, try us with 2 pay as you go sessions
Pilates Instructors for at home or at work

There are thousands of Pilates instructors London. As you would imagine some are better than others. But you have no way of knowing the good from the bad.
That is why I personally hand pick only the very best instructors and invite them to work on our brilliant team.

Only the most reliable, punctual and most experienced instructors are allowed to work with us and this quality control ensures the best results for you. Over 50% of all our clients come to us from Physios and Osteopaths and if you can make injured people better changing body shapes is easy. Try us to find out by buying one of our pay as you go trial sessions.

We cover pretty much anywhere on the map shown below and offer Pilates both at home and at your work or office.

For further information on the team please visit their individual profiles via the drop down menu.

Call Michael on 07980 545324 for details or click here for the contact us page.