Pilates Kent – Kristina

Pilates Kent - Provides home, work and outdoor Pilates sessions in and around London, we can help you now, try us with 2 pay as you go sessions
Pilates Kent - Kristina

Name: Kristina – Pilates Kent

Position: Pilates Instructor

Qualifications: Pilates, Fitness Pilates (Future Fit). Appointed Persons First Aid.

Information:Kristina is a very experienced and reliable Pilates Instructor. Well organised, fun and liked by all she has a string of great reviews behind her. She will fit in around you in terms of session time and frequency. Thus we make Pilates convenient. You are more likely to practise and when you do you complete a high quality and effective session.

Further Information:It may surprise you to learn that I was not in the least bit sporty as a child and never thought I would end up as a Pilates Instructor. Having been unfit and out of shape myself, I realise that exercising on your own can seem overwhelming. May be you’re already quite fit but have reached a plateau, or perhaps you have a very stressful job and need an outlet to help you to relax. Whatever your needs, I can help by providing support, motivation and empathy you just need the desire to change.

Areas Covered: Kristina provides home and work visit Pilates sessions in and around Tunbridge Wells.

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