Corporate Pilates London

Wellness at work solution

Corporate Pilates in London and across the South East. Pilates at work? We are the solution to your Wellness at Work policy. We provide classes, small group sessions and one to one Pilates in your office.

We can also now cover most if not all of the South East of England.

Corporate Pilates - Provides home, work and outdoor Pilates sessions in and around London, we can help you now, try us with 2 pay as you go sessions

Corporate Pilates – Why not try us now?

We see hundreds of clients for Work Pilates London on this basis every week. Pilates at work is convenient as we fit in around you. Before work? In your (often mythical these days) Lunch hour? Or after work? We can help you guys now.

Looking after the health and well being of your most valuable asset, your employees, is now a must for all companies. Individuals that sit all day at their desks are significantly more likely to suffer spinal discomfort. This will inevitably lead to an increased number of sick days and to a reduction in your productivity. You can help yourselves fend this off by utilising the proven benefits of Pilates. Easily improve their posture, spinal health and generally make them feel better.

Test Work based Pilates out

Why not try us out and see for yourself that it works. You get a trial pay as you go class to test Pilates and our brilliant Instructor out. Use this to gauge interest within your team. It is a no obligation class so if they don’t like it you have not committed to a long term course.

For an instant chat for further information or with any questions you might have feel free to call might via the contact page.

Have a look at the instructor profile of your potential for your office’s potential instructor. Click on this link for further information Pilates Central London